Why Dubai’s Real Estate is in Need of Property Management Software?

Why Dubai’s Real Estate is in Need of Property Management Software?

The real estate industry in Dubai is traditional and quite different from real estate markets in other parts of the world. It is enormous and constantly booming. Real estate agents and property managers in Dubai need CRM software for real estate to automate their work processes.

Dubai is an attraction for expatriates from around the world. People keep coming in droves every year. It means property demand never decreases here.

Dubai’s authorities don’t permit people to buy real estate which compels them to hire it. People sign leave and license agreements with each other for usually less than 13 months to hire properties. Therefore, the number of money transference in the Dubai property market is astounding.

Why Do You Need Property Management Software for Your Real Estate Business in Dubai?

Here are a few factors that make Dubai’s property market different from the market in the rest of the world.

  • Firstly, in most countries of the world, property transactions largely involve selling and buying 
  • In Dubai, property transactions largely involve leasing and not selling or buying
  • Real estate agents have to manage multiple agreements and renewals
  • Real estate agents in this country need property management software that can efficiently send notifications and reminders and lets them customize as they see fit
  • When you outright sell a house, you only have one transaction with the buyer. But, when you lease a building, you have to have multiple transactions since the same building is leased every year

Why Does Dubai’s Property Market Need Property Management Software?

Dubai’s real estate professionals need CRM software for leasing (hiring/renting).

No Need to Remember Important Dates

Communication is at the front and center of a strong landlord-lease holder bond. Here property management software saves your neck by letting you automate reminders. 

Landlords need to manage leasing agreements, renewals, and renewal notifications. Property management software has CRM dashboards and a system to send mobile reminders, SMS, and email notifications regarding signing a contract, late fees, etc. And you can automate notifications sent to tenants regarding a community announcements, maintenance work, etc.

It will notify you before a lease expiry date so that you can set it up for lease to sustain the occupancy rate. Plus, you can automate reminders for payment follow-ups.

The best part is that the CRM software tracks the notifications which can come in handy if a dispute arises or you get involved in an eviction proceeding.

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Capturing Leads Made Easy

Real estate agencies must capture leads from leasing portals, real estate platforms, and the property market. There is probably nothing more horrible for a property owner than to bump into a bad renter. 

They take a toll on your money and time. Therefore, finding quality leads is essential to save yourself from any hassle. 

A good real estate CRM software enables you to effectively put up property advertisements on an array of listing portals such as Frankporter, Zoom Property, Zillow.com, etc. You then get applications from the best potential leaseholders. 

Screening Services Save You from Future Headaches

Do you screen a potential tenant before signing a contract? If not, then you are opening yourself up for difficulties. Property management software typically offers screening services. They provide eviction, criminal and credit reports that inform you about the history and character of your to-be renter.

You can manage to list, rent, and screen from a central place which makes the leasing process a breeze of fresh air and results in well-behaved leaseholders.

No More Tension of Maintenance

If you live far away from your rented property, promptly solving maintenance issues becomes difficult. You either have to give your contact number to your leaseholder and then expect their calls and messages at odd times. The times include when you are working, spending time with family, or worst, at the dead of the night.

Or, you don’t share your personal number and ask them to shoot an email whenever they need to inform you regarding a maintenance issue. But, then, you would need to diligently check your emails or you miss tenants’ requests.

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Another issue arises when you need maintenance tickets with maintenance workers. Fortunately, efficient real estate software comes with a maintenance portal that can tackle both these inconveniences.

In this software, renters can typically submit maintenance requests through images, videos, and descriptions. These upkeep requests are kept in the software database for you to check whenever you have time.

You will be notified via email or the app installed on your phone, so you don’t need to share your phone number with tenants.

Bottom Line

Property management software in Dubai is a burning subject right now. You might be a property manager, landlord, or initiating a prop-tech startup, real estate CRM software can assist you in amplifying your experience within the industry.

The real estate in the emirate requires highly effective and market-focused tech ventures to help it thrive and take a quantum leap in real estate renting.

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