How to Use Real Estate CRM Software to Convert Leads into Sales?

How to Use Real Estate CRM Software to Convert Leads into Sales?

Customer relationship management or CRM refers to managing the interactions of a business with its existing and potential customers to enhance the mutual bond and customer experience.

Research has found that if a real estate agency answers back to a lead within five minutes, they are 21 times more likely to convert that lead into a sales opportunity. (Source: software support)

Many businesses use CRM software to automate their tasks. However, a real estate business needs a CRM solution designed for property developers and real estate agents.

A CRM can help you manage your daily activities as a real estate business, boost your property listings, and better manage client relationships.

However, your primary goal as a real estate agent is to make more sales. How can you do that using a CRM solution?

This blog will answer this question and tell you practical ways to convert leads into sales with the help of CRM software.

Ways in Which CRM software for Real Estate Helps to Turn Leads into Sales

1- Recording and Monitoring Leads

You need to record and monitor inbound leads to develop prospects and close more deals. If you use spreadsheet software, a word processor, or papers to manage your leads, you are unlikely to nurture leads and increase sales.

An ordinary CRM isn’t enough for this work. You must use full-fledged real estate software for property development because it is designed for real estate procedures and workflows. This CRM will streamline the process of recording and managing leads for you.

1- Utilize Data-driven Leads

Just having your lead’s data, like their name and phone number isn’t enough to push them forward in the sales funnel. That is what your competitors will be doing too.

How can you make sure you win those leads? Here CRM software for real estate comes in.

You must use an effective CRM that provides your sales team with ready information about the person, like their company’s name and the similar products/services they are using now (if any).

This information will assist your sales representative with ideas to further their sales tactics accordingly. 

2- Differentiate Between Quality and Low-quality Leads

Lead scoring is vital to get to know the stage of your leads in the funnel and the type of content to give them. In this way, you can produce and share suitable content at the correct time to help you to convert your prospects. 

Many real estate agents make the mistake of trying to convert all their leads to sales. Remember you use CRM software to collect precise data about your leads. Your sales and marketing professionals can easily differentiate between qualified and unqualified prospects.

You should only consider quality leads as sales prospects having a promised purchase. Real estate property management software applies a scoring method depending on various parameters. 

Based only on the scores, you approve or disapprove of leads. The parameters include clicking on the link, opening an email, downloading content, and more. Scoring parameters may vary from business to business as well.

3- Promptly Respond to the Quality Lead

If your real estate business follows an efficient marketing plan, you will likely get tons of leads or sizable web traffic. But, your marketing goes in vain if you can’t convert the qualified leads among them into sales.

Don’t think that a lead would keep waiting for your reply. They might turn to another real estate agent. You must try to capture them as soon as possible by following up on them.

What do you say? Your schedule is too jam-packed to do that. Then, choose a CRM software that features an auto-responder.

A user-friendly CRM software for real estate helps you become possibly the first real estate agency to respond to a qualified lead.

4- Keep Following up with Messages and Calls

Your work isn’t complete after you reply to the lead once. You might not get any answer on your first attempt. It is possible that the person is busy at the time and then forgets about you.

We mean to say keep making follow-up calls and sending texts. You don’t know whether the reason for their unresponsiveness is a lack of interest or lack of time. 

A survey has revealed that 40 percent of realtors just follow up with their leads once and then move forward. Expert property marketers have noticed that you need to make a minimum of six follow-up attempts to get an answer from a possible lead.

You see, you couldn’t possibly get a lead to make a buying decision in just one go at following up. Your CRM can help you continue following up efficiently.

5- Select Various Modes of Communication

Different people prefer different methods of communication. Some are more likely to respond to a call, while some may like an email more. So, to be on the safe side, use a mix of different ways of communication to follow up with your lead.

You should have a sharp sales professional who can seal more deals. You can add the communication method you have decided to use with each lead in front of their name in the customer database of your CRM software.

Managing Property Listings

CRM software for real estate also helps you arrange your property listings, a crucial aspect of the sales process.

You should use a CRM which allows you to add and manage properties through an intuitive user interface. It should enable you to upload many files, pictures, and videos to your property listings.

A functional CRM software allows you to easily integrate your listings with your website so that whatever you update in listings gets automatically updated on the website.

It also lets you seamlessly sort each property into category and subcategory and highlight it for rent and sale. The advanced search feature aids you in quickly spotting and matching real estate units to leads.

You can also produce and send real estate brochures by email to prospects through the software directly. The CRM also links each property to vital records such as viewings, counteroffers made or the number of offers, etc.

Convert your Leads into Sales with Goyzer’s Masterplan

To impress your leads, you need to give them something to visualize the home/property they want to buy. 

Goyzer’s master plan makes your properties come alive. It allows you to offer your leads a digital exploration of the property before buying.

You can engage them with real-time data on details such as fixtures and units, properties available for rent or sale, and their prices.

We have integrated these Master Plans with Goyzer’s developer CRM software. It ensures that all available properties are visible, and customers can book a property directly from the master plan.

Users typically use master plans to highlight a sales launch where they show it on a big display screen. However, you can include the master plans on your website for more people to see.

Wrapping It Up

A comprehensive CRM software for real estate allows you to effectively oversee your network of customers, agents, and real estate listings on a single digital platform. 

With streamlined processes, you have more time to follow up with leads and keep monitoring them with the help of your CRM.

We have designed Goyzer’s CRM software using the latest technologies for property development businesses of all sizes and goals.

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