Mobile marketing bringing growth to your real estate business

Mobile marketing bringing growth to your real estate business

Mobile marketing refers to a multi-platform internet marketing tactic aimed at attracting prospective customers through their mobile phones. According to Rismedia, 71% of marketing professionals say mobile marketing is fundamental to their businesses. Resultantly, each sector has boosted its mobile efforts.

Real estate companies have been using software for real estate to automate their business tasks for a long time. Real estate companies can leverage mobile marketing to attract new leads and keep existing customers loyal.

Property buyers can access tools like mobile apps, text messaging, videos, social media, and online testimonials on their smartphones. These tools can be employed to boost real estate marketing strategies.

Let us shed some light on how you can use each tool for real estate marketing.

Mobile applications

We all buy products/services from brands that have mobile apps. And we know how well they engage customers through mobile apps. If one of your real estate clients installs your app on their phone, it can be a sign of their trust in your business.

Plus, customers spend more time using mobile apps than compared to websites. For real estate buyers, navigating through an application is highly convenient. Because on the websites, they have to click through various different web pages to get the information they want.

Hence, it’s imperative that you create a mobile app for your company along with using property management software. These two will help you take your business to the next level. Through a mobile app, clients and leads would be able to text you, make appointments and gain details all in one place. 

Moreover, your mobile application would contain all the important documents a client will require to finish the purchase of their property. Also, you would be able to get the clients to sign documents electronically via the application. The app will be a blast if you also add a mortgage calculator.

Mobile-responsive website

Nowadays, more users search using mobile phones than they do use desktop computers. Therefore, as a real estate marketer or company, along with CRM software for real estate, you should update your site to make it responsive on mobile devices. 

When your website is mobile-friendly, it significantly impacts your advertising efforts. Mobile readiness is among the top factors that Google algorithms consider when ranking pages these days. In other words, people won’t see your website when they search in Google using your targetted keyword if your site doesn’t respond to mobile devices.

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Customers anticipate that companies will offer them media they can see on their phones. According to a CMS report, 57% of users won’t recommend a brand/business with a badly designed mobile website. 

A mobile-friendly website design helps attract more traffic to your website as well as enhances your company’s authority with customers.

Text messaging

Since the inception of texting apps, voicemail went behind the scene across all generations. But, text messaging is particularly popular with millennials. 

Almost all (100%) texts are read, and the number of voicemails being opened is decreasing regularly. According to Vice, a 14% decrease happened in 2011-2012. And another 8% decrease occurred in 2013-2014.

Realtors have to carve out time for appointments and showings. Though property management software is a great help, texting also proves to be a blessing for real estate agents.

Property management businesses and professionals can reach buyers through texting. It ensures their message is seen and decreases no-shows. Furthermore, they can access prospective buyers through text messages.

Smartphones are getting more and more popular. Clients tend to like promotional efforts performed through mobile phones. Many businesses and brands have used text messaging for marketing. And it was a victory for them. Texting can increase your conversion more than any other advertising channel.

Social media platforms

More users land on a site via social media than from google searches. Therefore, a powerful social media footprint is the lifeline of any business. Because it attracts new leads.

The number of people who actively use social media is increasing rapidly with 4.08 billion users in October 2020 around the globe.

It means that social media marketing can be very beneficial for your mobile marketing.

Use these smart tips to leverage social media for your real estate marketing.

  • Utilize Facebook Ads to shortlist customers by locality, interests, and other aspects that may aid you in widening your network
  • Don’t forget to add videos and pictures on your social media handles. You can add links to your social media accounts in your software for real estate
  • There is no need to make an account on every social media site. Pick a handful of them and keep using them for your marketing
  • Clients can shoot you a message through your social media accounts so make sure that you respond quickly


You have to use videos if you are in for mobile marketing, especially for millennials. Rismedia reported that 48% of millennials watch videos only on their phones. And 74% of them follow businesses/brands on YouTube.

In addition to that, there is a likelihood of more than three times that customers will watch videos on a mobile device than on a laptop/PC.

There are various methods to use video as a marketing tool. Apart from adding their links to your property management software, you can publish videos on your agency’s site and your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

  • Property listings: make a corporate-level video that displays the buildings your company has listed and publish it on your site and social media accounts
  • Testimonials: make a video of a customer giving a review about your real estate services
  • Livestream a showing: live streaming on Twitter or Facebook will enable the people who don’t find an opportunity to make a showing hit on the action 
  • Q&A: real estate agents can conduct a Q&A session with leads through Google Hangouts or GoToMeeting

Final words

We all have our smartphones with us all the time. So, there is no need to tell the extreme importance of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing will aid you in increasing your leads and boosting client satisfaction and trust. Therefore, the above-mentioned tips and tricks are essential to growing your real estate business.


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All these efforts will require a certain amount of money. But we can assure you that you will get great bang for your buck. Because marketing is the backbone of any business. And real estate is no different. 

Mobile marketing also involves posting customer testimonials on review websites. We all search for reviews on our smartphones whenever we need to purchase a product from a certain brand/business.

Remember that your marketing doesn’t end with a client sealing a deal with you. It’s important to follow up with them after a transaction. You can request them to add a review on a review site like, Google, Yelp, Zillow, etc. 

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