Top features of Goyzer Property Management Software

Top features of Goyzer Property Management Software

Ever since the digitization of industries, real estate has been leading the competition with its amazing property management software, tools, websites and online support system for the ease of both local and international customers. But there are only a few, who truly excel at everything and offer something unique, more valuable than any other. One such is Goyzer, so what makes it any different from others? What are its features and why customers should prefer it over many others? Let’s find out!

A Bit About Goyzer

To add value and take the real estate industry on a whole new level, Goyzer came forward in 2015 with a mission to advance automation by incorporating the latest technology solutions. These are specifically designed and developed by real estate professionals after detailed research, market evaluation and customer needs. Founders and executors at Goyzer took a highly strategic approach to ensure seamless transition to the digital operations thereby guaranteeing incredible outcomes and maximum profits. Here’re a few things that you’ll find different with Goyzer Property Management Software:

Goyzer main desktop dashboard
  • Diversified Approach

Constant research and execution, reaching out further to clients, providing new offerings and developing solutions that are truly industry-specific.

  • Expert Insight & Advice

The PMS is designed specifically by IT and technical evangelists in the real estate industry who are always exploring new grounds.

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  • Visionary & Result-Oriented

Goyzer PMS is constantly being updated to the latest industry standards and features are always expanding and innovated to offer result-oriented solutions.

Let’s also explore Goyzer top features for:


  • Centralised listing of properties and units that are also shared with external agents
  • Contracts automation and creation of payment plans
  • Controlled user accessibility and electronic signature function for documents
  • Customer portal to view property details, pending payments and much more.
  • Customised branding, social media handles and email integrations
  • Software integration and migration plus developer’s centralised customer database

Property Managers

  • Creation of portfolio for multiple properties
  • Electronic signature and automation of contract generations
  • Creation, tracking of invoices and receipts
  • Work order assignments, progress tracking and maintenance of contract creations
  • Upcoming notifications and automated reminders
  • Tenant portal for service requests, create tasks for client communication
Dashboard for Property Managers


  • Lead and contact management (CRM)
  • Lead automation and tracking of all referrals, agent commission
  • Real time transactions management
  • Automated reminders, creation and tracking of invoices
  • Marketing tools – social media integration
  • Fully customisable reporting suite

A Few More Reasons to Choose Goyzer

  • Property & Unit Listing

Goyzer features a centralised repository of all existing units and properties. This ensures you keep track of everything about prices, owner history, payment schedules, images, floor plans availability status and everything else tied to inventory.

  • Customer Database (CRM)

As an effective Developer CRM, Goyzer can efficiently manage your leads, contacts while keeping you updated on all the customer’s journey through a centralised database.

  • Invoices & Receipts

With Goyzer, you can always track all transactional invoices and receipts. This is important for both agents and management to know about their sales targets.

  • Simple & Convenient Deal Generation

A simple three-step automated process to electronically document all the deals.

  • Reports

Goyzer keeps up-to-date with your business from upcoming news, events and renewals to commission reports and everything in between.

These are only a few of many other amazing features of Goyzer PMS. You can start using it by downloading the application from Google and Apple official stores.