Top Property Technology Trends for 2022

Top Property Technology Trends for 2022

The digital world sees innovations each day. Consumer behavior has been changing as our world is becoming more and more tech-saturated. When nearly every other task is digitalized, why not the processes related to real estate?

The idea of PropTech first emerged with the launching of PropTech businesses in 1990. But somehow, this field didn’t swell in the way other similar fields like FinTech have grown. Nevertheless, numerous tech giants are trying to change the real estate sector with the magic of tech-based solutions.

What is PropTech?

What is PropTech?

PropTech is the short form of property technology. PropTech deals with the extensive implementation of technology in the real estate sector. Real estate technology involves software and tools designed to make owning, buying, and managing properties less of a hassle.

From minimizing paperwork in the real estate sector to enabling easier payment methods, PropTech has made a lot of the real estate processes less complicated.

Artificial Intelligence


This is the era of huge amounts of data. This data is of course collected for assessment. Machine learning plays a more important role here. It helps in assessing data in a way that isn’t possible by humans.

 AI can examine massive amounts of information being produced instantly. Then, it gives us valuable insights on market trends, allows investment risk analysis, and helps us understand buyers better.

Thus, the real estate agencies offer their consumers better suggestions like what offers would be best for them. You might have heard of LoanSnap, Zillow, and Compass. These real estate companies employ this technology to aid purchasers in finding an ideal house and mortgage.

In addition to that, using AI, people can get almost precise guesses on the costs of purchasing and renting a property in various areas. It’s extremely useful for real estate agencies. AI-powered chatbots help real estate businesses to communicate with their customers 24/7 and answer their questions precisely.

AI technology is getting better day by day. In the future, AI would offer a more precise market forecast for investors.

Digital Lands Trading

The excitement around NFT hasn’t completely worn out yet. Now, Facebook has brought the topic of metaverse to the light. Metaverse refers to a virtual world. It helps in easy interactions and trades.

unsurprisingly, the real estate industry has also jumped on the bandwagon. Companies are buying pieces of digital land for millions of dollars in the metaverse. Observing the speed of real estate money transfer in the metaverse, it’s been said that virtual land trading could flourish in upcoming years.

However, we don’t know how can we set a price of a property in an infinite virtual area. This domain can only see a boom if cryptocurrencies become our future. and digital assets aren’t regulated by strict rules.

Communication with end-users directly

Users are now being facilitated with more touchless services. These services have made processes more secure and healthy. Now, more and more people involved in the real estate arena are connecting directly with each other via digital channels. It means conventional practices like physical property tours are slowly becoming outdated.

Property management software has been there for quite some time. They also utilize disruptive technologies. Goyzer is a PropTech company that offers property management software that acts as your one-stop solution for all your needs related to property management.

Using the latest technologies, this software streamlines your business processes helping you increase your profits.

Screening renters online

Screening renters online

Landowners, property managers, and realtors need to find an ideal renter for their lease. They do their best to never leave their properties empty of trustworthy and high-income tenants.

Renting on digital platforms helps in sealing the deals with tenants quickly. It enables renters from remote places to make deals for rentals in less time. On top of that, both parties can access the lease digitally anytime from anywhere.

Easy communication through chatbots

Easy communication through chatbots

Chatbots have become quite common but not in the real estate industry. Property owners, real estate agents, and buyers find it difficult to make the money transfer transparent and easy.

The good news is that the real estate industry is experimenting with modern technologies to solve those issues and enable two parties to interact online. Monitoring of money transfer, instant chat, and file sharing may come in the future.


How Mobile Apps Cover Real Estate Industry

App developers can create an app that gives automated answers to interested customers’ queries via robotic process automation. This trend can save a lot of the realtor’s time.

Another incredible idea is to make a virtual assistant application using AI. It will allow clients to communicate with a robot that talks in human languages. If the shopper seems more interested, the robot can settle their session with the real estate agent to have a detailed chat about real estate problems.

Digital payments

Digital payments

it’s a significant real estate technology trend to focus on. In today’s rat race lifestyle, everyone including real estate businesses and customers is in a hurry. It is high time we strive to get tedious and time-consuming paperwork out of the way and enable people to pay by signing receipts digitally.

This will also facilitate payments when the sender and receiver are present in different countries of the world. Digital payments management will help all parties access the documents from anywhere and on any device.

iBuyer- the trendiest business model

iBuyer- the trendiest business model

Are you tired of the monotonous process of selling and purchasing houses? iBuyer can make the process simpler for you. It can be defined as a non-conventional business model in the property management domain.

iBuyer acts as a real estate agent because it offers an automated evaluation model.  Since its arrival, many people now use it instead of contacting a realtor. we expect that in the future, customers would be able to purchase and lease properties automatically.

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)

Sometimes, you find that someone living in a far-off area wants to rent or buy your land. Thanks to Virtual reality, realtors and property owners can show their land to interested people with a virtual tour.

Facebook has launched its 3D metaverse called Meta. It means that we should now start taking VR and AR technologies seriously.

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It’s a sign that these technologies are sooner or later going to be widely used in every industry including the real estate industry.


Real estate is in itself a vast domain. Many tech firms are right now striving to introduce a revolution in the different subsets of the greater real estate industry. With many mundane tasks being automated, realtors, renters, and landowners are now more productive than ever.

The real estate sector has also received big amounts of capital funding in recent times. E-signatures, rental mobile apps, virtual tours, renter screenings, and digital transactions are today’s trends.

Goyzer offers CRM software for real estate management to help agents in automating many tasks through technology. Our comprehensive technological solutions can enhance your productivity as a property manager. We offer different software solutions so that you can find a solution that meets your unique needs.

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