Why Real Estate Mobile Apps Are a Must for the Entire Industry

Why Real Estate Mobile Apps Are a Must for the Entire Industry

Home renovation and the real estate industry have been the snail in the race in aspects of adapting recent technology into their business. However, it has only caused them tipping point benefits. 

While the industry is slowly coming around to adapting the technology, they shouldn’t start from point one but quickly enter the market adapting to the recent technology. In the digital era, the consumer market demands businesses to have the capability to convert all the pertinent data available at the tips of their fingers.

With the mention of the available information, a mobile-friendly website would be the top choice of several realtors. While an established website is important for the online presence, stay ahead of your competition, and be successful in the market as well. 

Interestingly and alarming (for the realtors who haven’t adapted to the technology) 58% of the millennials, 46% of the gen x, and 33% of the baby boomers prefer mobile devices for the selling and buying of real estate property. 

If you could address this audience range, using mobile applications, imagine the potential revenue and leads you could score with simple CRM software for real estate. Other than daydreaming about the leads, the numerous benefits and uses of the real estate application make it a necessity for the real estate industry. 

Why Real Estate Mobile Apps Are a Must for the Entire Industry

Listing and Categorization: 

As the real estate business grows, the demographic range also grows and it should be! Real estate applications are a great way for growing businesses to organize their listings categorically. Through the application, a realtor can categorize geographically, rent range, type of residence, commercial site, and so on. 

Applications that focus on the rental residential and commercial sites are one of the few types that would remain on the user’s phone for a long time and hence, the branding element is evaluated. The application can be further commercialized through different sources and strategies. 

With applications already installed on the phone, these can easily reduce the dependency on listing websites that exhaust the audience quicker. Through the application, the experience is much faster and smoother.

3D Visualization

Technology is reshaping the way the real estate industry works and interacts with potential clients. 3D visualization and augmented reality have been the top influencers in the real estate industry and are predicted to completely revamp the open houses, as well as marketing and designing of the real estate commercial and residential properties. 

With the inbuilt augmented reality feature, through the applications, you can ghost luxurious house openings and even attract an audience that isn’t nearby or prefer finalizing the property in lesser time. The 3D visualization can be used for planning, and renovations of any property, while exploring the place as if you are physically there rather than just being translucent. 

Brand Reputation: 

For the longest time, real estate industry leads have been dependent on word of mouth and referrals. Even at times, when the firm has a proper website ranking on the google engine. 83% of the business and revenues in the real estate agent come from repeated business and referrals. 

Even in the digital era, reviews and referrals heavily influence the real estate industry but with multiple options available in the market the audience is quick to explore.

A good mobile application is one of the tools that solidify the brand’s reputation. Even with solid referrals to your services, in the competitive market, it is important to keep branding top-notch and pleasing to the audience. The mobile application simply translates into being a credible business with good customer-centric values. 

Amplify Marketing:

True, successful marketing is also based on large data, carefully analyzed. Marketing is used for both brand awareness and lead generation and for aiding your clients in the long term. 

Applications have a great ability to gather and analyze consumer data. Better yet, the application has the capability to gather demographic data in large volumes based on which you can connect with the better market. 

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Additionally, clear photos of the property taken from various angles are an add-on to the property. On the app, a user can easily swipe through the images and look through the modern amenities that your listing offers. Marketing through live images helps move the perspective to the last stage of the funnel quickly. I.e marketing helps businesses convince the customer and easily finalize the decision. 

Bundle of Features & Tools:

Often the success and failure of an application depend on the features and tools offered. Audiences always want more and all in one place especially when it comes to a mobile application. Audiences want mobile applications that take up less space but offer more features than others. 

The app can successfully make its space on a smartphone with a diverse useful tool that may serve as the secondary purpose of the applications. Some of the additional tools you can offer the audience includes:

  • Rent calculation/ estimation based on the areas 
  • Documents or approval list for the sale and purchase of the property 
  • ROI calculation for the residence purchase
  • Offer Save/ Favorite feature 
  • Updates/ education and Real Estate Magazine
  • Available listing for rent and purchase 
  • Home renovation or repair companies (collaborated addition which can be commercialized) 

Real estate mobile application features should be carefully designed that would aid the user throughout the reasons and not just the primary purpose of the renting/ selling/ purchasing of residential or commercial properties. 

Improve Client’s Experience:

At the end of the day, an excellent and seamless client experience is the ultimate goal. Mobile application development is directly associated with better client experience as compared to mobile-friendly websites. Applications are more accessible, with easy data storage and notifications and a bundle of features mentioned above, a real estate application become the complete toolkit for the clients. 

Since at the moment there are not many real estate-based applications, there is a lot of potentials to discover. You could be one of the first among your competitors to integrate the advanced technology and the benefits of the real estate mobile application. An application with a defined purpose/ strategy and a user-friendly UX/UI with useful tools and features can help your business skyrocket fueled by the leads. 

Streamlines the Process for Realtors:

Other than the prospective gaining an excellent customer experience through the real estate application, the realtors are also benefited by adopting the technology. Technology is advancing for both businessmen and the consumer market. 

For the realtors, the technology offered by Property Management Software is a pearl in the shell. Property management software is an all-in-one solution for business people in the real estate industry including property managers, real estate firms/ realtors, brokers, real estate agents, and so on. Property management software can be easily integrated into a phone. The software comes with features that help with lead generation, finances, tracing the leads, organizing the data, marketing and branding, sending alerts, invoices, and so on. 

The management software completely streamlines and integrates a systematic approach to the real estate process. The benefit of the real estate application to the industry experts is the deduction of time, and the minimizing of human error.

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