Why Should You Automate Property Management in 2023?

Why Should You Automate Property Management in 2023?

Property management businesses with the right strategies are reaping great rewards. From yearly profit to business expansion, automation has made it easier to scale your property management company in little time. 

Thanks to numerous real estate property management software available, it’s easier to manage dozens of clients at once. This software let you automate mundane and time-taking tasks so you can devote focus to other important parts of your business.

2023 is going to be the year of automation in this industry, automated businesses will enjoy an edge over others. Here are some compelling reasons to automate your property management business:

1. Smooth Rent Collection at the Start of Every Month

As the new month begins, your first concern as a property manager is to collect rent from the tenants. The sooner you manage to collect it the earlier you can send the rent to the property owners, who too expect it by the 5th of every month.

If the rent collection process is automated, you don’t have to worry about rent collection at all. This ensures client satisfaction and saves time.

2. Automated Maintenance Requests & Property Inspections

Once a year tenants expect the property owner or the property manager to send someone for the property inspection and carry out big and small repairs wherever required. Fortunately, this annual inspection and maintenance can also be automated.

Goyzer’s developer CRM is one of the property management software that lets you set up regular inspections. This way even the smallest issues at the property can be sorted at the earliest.

3. Automated Responses to Common Inquiries

As a property manager, have you ever wondered how much time you spend answering common queries every day? Only if you could have an auto-responder, could you save this time.

In this regard too, if you have opted for automation in your business with property management software, you can get away with such a boring task. Neither you will have to speak to hundreds of people every day asking the same question, nor you will have to employ a human resource for support.

4. Easy Handling of Renewals, New Agreements, Etc.

Every property manager spends significant hours daily preparing documentation and agreements for new and existing clients. Some property management tools let you set up automated emails to clients, notifying them about the renewal, contracts, rent increases, etc.

All a client needs to do is send a signed copy of the document, which you can scan and print to keep as a record for future reference. This also cuts down the courier or shipment cost if the client is living in another city or country.

5. Rapid Business Expansion

Automation gives you ample opportunities to expand your business countrywide. For example, if you are currently operating in Dubai only, with automation you can target the entire UAE.

If you aim for this expansion manually, it will be impossible. You can’t focus on business development if you are managing business operations alone. So having automation tools at your disposal is a real luxury.

6. Fast & Smooth Sales Process

Did you ever wish you could automate the sales process? If so, the good news is, you can. In 2023, the sales process will be automated. Once the client has visited the property and the pricing part has been settled between both parties, the formal agreement can be prepared and dispatched on the go.

This will speed up the sales process in the whole real estate industry, eliminating any form of headache that a broker and seller, and buyers might have to face.

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