5 Things To Know Before Moving To Dubai

5 Things To Know Before Moving To Dubai

Dubai is a fascinating place for everyone where all different types of people from all nationalities come and try to live the Dubai dream.

It’s a cosmopolitan city where aspirations are encouraged and dreams are fulfilled. It can still be daunting for someone who hasn’t been here before to what to expect once they land in Dubai so let’s look at some of the things people should know before moving to Dubai.

Cost of Living

Being a cosmopolitan city, Dubai is going to be an expensive city just like its contemporaries like London, New York, and Singapore. The good thing about Dubai is that there is something here for everyone and every lifestyle. 

You can indulge in expensive brunches on weekends for a few hundred dirhams or a Karak tea and sandwich can cost you a few dirhams so the choice is yours. The main proponent that does increase the cost of living is mainly rent and children’s education which again have plenty of options and are divided into different budget ranges so there is always something available for everyone. 

Fuel is reasonable as compared to other regions in the world and all employers do offer health insurance as part of a mandatory visa requirement to all its workers so which helps bring down the cost of living. All in all, It’s a place where the cost of living is determined by the type of lifestyle that you choose to have for yourself as all options are available.

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People from all around the globe

The opportunities granted to the people residing in Dubai have captured the attention of people from all over the world. There are over 200 nationalities living and working in Dubai and there are always tourists that you will find walking around here at any point in time.

This creates an environment of unity and peaceful coexistence where people learn about each other’s cultures, and traditions and celebrate what is unique about each other which makes it a beautiful place to live in. 

The Government has always encouraged uniqueness and unlike a melting pot, Dubai can be considered a mosaic where everyone contributes in their own unique way towards building the city in their own image. 

Ongoing Construction in Dubai

You are more than likely to find cranes and construction in some part of the city at any given time as the amount of work that has gone about building the city has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Dubai has transformed itself in the last 20 years into what it is today, With world-class architecture and transportation infrastructure, with high-rise towers and beautiful beaches, There is just so much this city has to offer but it comes currently with the ambition of building more which is the reason why there is always going to be something under construction. 

This helps because whatever is built is not left on its own but constant rework makes sure that the standard is always maintained. The enhancements are not only on physical infrastructure but a lot of technical and digital work improvements are being done to make Dubai into a modern master city. 

Be it a Paperless parking ticket system, Dubai Now smart apps to Developer CRM, Dubai’s ambitions are digital and progressive.

Prepare for the summers

The weather is usually on the warmer side except for the summers which can get quite hot for most people. This is usually the time that people choose to go for summer holidays with their families as it coincides with the school holidays. 

The winters are splendid and most people are outdoors busy with BBQs or visiting the coveted global village or by the beach but if you haven’t experienced summers in Dubai then a heads up that it can get quite warm.

There is always something to do in Dubai

Dubai life is something that always has something to offer to people from all walks of life. From indoor activities to outdoor adventure, Dubai has something exciting and amazing to offer everyone. 

The lifestyle in Dubai is such that your choice of activity is dependent on the discretionary budget you set for yourself as there are activities that are quite expensive such as bungee jumping or snorkeling to more affordable activities like watching a movie or having dinner at a global village. One thing is for sure, you will not get bored in Dubai.

In Conclusion, Dubai is a fantastic place to be whether it is your first time visiting or you have been living here for the last 20 years. No one seems to get enough of it and is always craving for more.

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