How to buy your first rental property with no money in 2022

How to buy your first rental property with no money in 2022

Everyone dreams of having passive income and the most reliable and traditional way of doing so has always been through having a rental property. The rental market provides landlords with the option to generate rental income and also to have the potential to sell the unit with a profit. 

The key thing with rental property is that you do require upfront money to be able to either mortgage a rental or cash to buy outright a property. 

That does not mean that the opportunity does not exist for people to enter the market with little or no money. With smart decisions and knowing your options, There are ways that people can enter the rental market.

Buying rental property with zero investment

There are new options that are coming into the market under the rent-to-own scheme which enables the landlord to enter the market with next to no upfront investment and eventually get to start the ownership ladder. 

There are various new developers who are offering such attractive options that make it easy to enter the rental property market which was otherwise out of sight for many new investors.

The real estate investment trust also known as REIT is another way to get you on board towards receiving rental returns from real estate but in a slightly non-traditional manner. 

This involves many investors pooling into a fractional ownership of the property that gets paid out based on the rent accumulated compared to the amount of ownership of the property. 

The shares of the REITs an individual holds will allow them to get their rental income but also to sell it off to another investor making it a liquid sort of investment

Start investing in real estate now

Now is the time to look into investing in real estate where the technology innovations have made entry into the market much simpler, easier, and faster. The software for real estate market has enabled investors to tap into various different kinds of software that allow access to the market.

There are many crowdfunding platforms, property management software, and CRM for real estate software that all allow the end user not only access to the market but also tools to help manage their real estate portfolio.

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